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Anniversary Gifts

From the 1st year anniversary through to the 100th year (yes someone has given the 100th a symbol!) we supply details of the traditional or modern symbol, flower and gemstone associated with each year.

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We scoured the internet for unique anniversary ideas, and found some great ones! These aren’t general gifts – they’re specific to the year you’re celebrating.

We hope to help you create a memorable anniversary whether you celebrate it in your own home, on a camping trip or at your local park!

  • Wedding Anniversaries : Find out what material is traditionally associated with each year.
  • Anniversary Etiquette : Holding an Anniversary Party? we answer the popular questions on etiquette; how to celebrate, why celebrate, gift giving & receiving plus other commonly asked questions.
  • All Wedding Anniversary details If you are celebrating a year that is not in the traditional list then this page gives themes and symbols for ever year up to the 50th and then every 5th anniversary up to the 100th!
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    Keeping some fun in your Marriage – 52 Date Night Ideas

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    Bucket List Creations – 10 date night ideas.

  • Budget-Friendly Date Night Ideas. a cozy and inviting illustration that radiates warmth and creativity, symbolizing affordable yet romantic date night options. In the center, a happy couple is depicted enjoying a homemade candlelit dinner at a modestly set table, complete with a small vase of flowers and a warm, soft light casting a glow over their smiling faces, emphasizing the intimacy of the moment without the need for extravagance. Surrounding this central scene are smaller vignettes that showcase other budget-friendly date ideas: playing a board game by a fireplace, having a picnic in a living room fort made of blankets, watching a movie on a laptop with homemade popcorn, stargazing from the bed of a pickup truck or a simple backyard setup with cozy blankets and pillows, and taking a leisurely bike ride through a scenic park at sunset. The background fades into a soft, dreamy hue, suggesting that these simple yet meaningful experiences are within reach for couples looking to enjoy each other's company without spending a lot of money. Computer Generated

    Budget-Friendly date night ideas.


1st Wedding Anniversary

  • Traditional Gifts: Paper
  • Modern Gifts: Clocks
  • Gemstone Gifts: Fresh Water Pearls
  • Appropriate Flower: Pansies
Paper wedding is your first year celebration

What better way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary than with a beautiful, fresh water pearl?
The traditional way is by gifting something that has paper as an element. The modern-day equivalent would be giving them clocks for their kitchen wall which can help keep track of time throughout day while you’re away at work – but we all know how busy those days are! The first wedding anniversary is a time for celebration, and if you’re celebrating with your partner in the United States then Pansies would be an appropriate flower choice.

2nd Wedding Anniversary

  • Traditional Gifts: Cotton or Straw
  • Modern Gifts: China
  • Gemstone Gifts: Rose Quartz
  • Appropriate Flower: Cosmos
Straw alternative gifts

The second anniversary is a special time to celebrate with your loved one. This year, gift them an original and creative way of celebration by giving the Cotton theme for traditionalists or Straw-themed alternative choice if they prefer something different! Other options include China themed gifts instead; Another great option would be Rose Quartz as gemstone coupled up nicely against Garnet satellites

3rd Wedding anniversary

  • Traditional Gifts: Leather or Glass
  • Modern Gifts: Crystal
  • Gemstone Gifts: Rock Crystal
  • Appropriate Flower: Fuchsia

The traditional third anniversary is a time to celebrate your love and commitment with your partner. The modern day may have different themes, such as crystal or glass for gifts; these alternative ideas can also serve as inspiration when deciding on the perfect gift for him/her in order not only commemorate this momentous occasion but create something new together!

4th Wedding Anniversary

  • Traditional Gifts: Fruit & Flowers or Books
  • Modern Gifts: Electrical Appliances
  • Gemstone Gifts: Amethyst or Topaz
  • Appropriate Flower: Geranium

There are many different traditional and modern fourth anniversary ideas to choose from. For a more creative edge, the theme can be centered around Electrical Appliance or Amethyst with Topaz as an alternative option!

5th Wedding Anniversary

woodn't you believe it for the fifth
  • Traditional Gifts: Wood
  • Modern Gifts: Silverware
  • Gemstone Gifts: Turquoise
  • Appropriate Flower: Daisies

The fifth wedding anniversary is an exciting time for any couple, but it can be even more special if you get them something that reflects their relationship. The traditional gift idea has been wood and turquoise was only discovered after silver became popular as a material to make jewelry with – so these two items really stand out together!

6th Wedding Anniversary

  • Traditional Gifts: Candy or Iron
  • Modern Gifts: Wood
  • Gemstone Gifts: Amethyst or Garnet
  • Appropriate Flower: Calla Lilies

The traditional sixth anniversary is all about celebrating with a sweet theme. If you’re looking to make your wife feel like she hasn’t been forgotten, then gift them some candy or flowers- whichever ones fit best in their personality! For a more modern touch, the person who gifts you on this day may choose something related to wood like furniture or art pieces.

7th Wedding Anniversary

  • Traditional Gifts: Wool or Copper
  • Modern Gifts: Desk Set
  • Gemstone Gifts: Lapis Lazuli or Onyx
  • Appropriate Flower: Jack-in-the-pulpit

That’s right, wool is the traditional gift for the seventh wedding anniversary!

8th Wedding Anniversary

  • Traditional Gifts: Bronze or Pottery
  • Modern Gifts: Lace or Linen
  • Gemstone Gifts: Aventurine or Multi-colored Tourmaline
  • Appropriate Flower: Clematis

Bronze sculptures are beautiful, elegant, and fit well with many houses.

9th Wedding Anniversary

  • Traditional Gifts: Pottery or Willow
  • Modern Gifts: Leather
  • Gemstone Gifts: Tiger Eye or Lapis Lazuli
  • Appropriate Flower: Poppies

The traditional ninth anniversary is a time to reflect on the past and celebrate together. This can be done with an alternative theme, such as Willow or Leather; gemstones like Tiger’s Eye and Lapis Lazuli.

10th Wedding Anniversary

10th is tin!
  • Traditional Gifts: Tin or Aluminium
  • Modern Gifts: Diamond Jewelry
  • Gemstone Gifts: Black Onyx.
  • Appropriate Flower: Daffodils

The traditional tenth gift is tin. An alternative, more modern option can be themed with aluminum and include diamonds or black onyx as accents to symbolize ten years of marriage!

11th year anniversary

  • Traditional Gifts: Steel
  • Modern Gifts: Fashion Jewelry
  • Gemstone Gifts: Turquoise or Hematite
  • Appropriate Flower: Morning Glories

According to tradition, the 11th anniversary is the time to give your spouse a gift made of steel. Steel is incredibly versatile, so there are all kinds of gifts you can give that fit this theme. For example, you could get your spouse a piece of jewelry made from steel, or a new set of stainless steel home appliances. If you really want to go all out, you could even plan a trip to the Caribbean to see the steel drum bands in action. No matter what you choose, a gift made of steel is sure to be a thoughtful and unique way to celebrate your 11 years together.

12th Wedding anniversary

  • Traditional Gifts: Silk or Linen
  • Modern Gifts: Color Gems or Pearls
  • Gemstone Gifts: Agate
  • Appropriate Flower: Peonies

It’s traditional to give your partner an gift that has a theme of linen or silk. If you’re looking for something more modern though- try color gems as opposed gemstones with pearls! The perfect flower isn’t just any blossom: choose peonies instead if they’ll be happy about this unexpected treat.

13th anniversary

  • Traditional Gifts: Lace
  • Modern Gifts: Textiles or Furs
  • Gemstone Gifts: Malachite, Citrine or Moonstone
  • Appropriate Flower: Hollyhock

The perfect gift for your thirteenth anniversary is a versatile mix CD. The traditional way to celebrate this milestone has been with Lace, but now there are other options like Textiles or Furs instead!

14th year Wedding anniversary

  • Traditional Gifts: Ivory
  • Modern Gifts: Gold Jewelry
  • Gemstone Gifts: Moss Agate or Jewelry
  • Appropriate Flower: Dahlia

The traditional way of celebrating means giving them something that symbolizes you two together forever, like ivory or gold jewelry; however there are also other options available such as gemstones themed around moss agate if this doesn’t suit either party’s taste!

15th year anniversary

the 15th has a theme of crystal
  • Traditional Gifts: Crystal
  • Modern Gifts: Watches
  • Gemstone Gifts: Rock Crystal
  • Appropriate Flower: Roses

The fifteenth anniversary is a big day for lovers. It’s been traditional to give crystal or jewelry as the main gift, but today people often choose something more practical like watches and roses instead!

Traditionally after the 15th Year only every fifth year is commemorated

After the fifteenth the traditional gift list only provides a theme for every fifth year up until the fiftieth and then the Seventy-fifth celebration.

16th anniversary

  • Modern Gifts: Silver Hollowware
  • Gemstone Gifts: Peridot or Aquamarine

Silver Hollowware includes things like tea sets, bowls, and jewelry.

17th Wedding anniversary

  • Modern Gifts: Furniture
  • Gemstone Gifts: Amethyst or Citrine

The perfect gift for your seventeenth anniversary is a sentimental reminder of all those years together. Give the couple amethyst or citrine gemstones, depending on what they prefer!

18th year Wedding anniversary

  • Modern Gifts: Porcelain
  • Gemstone Gifts: Opal

What a perfect way to celebrate your eighteenth anniversary! The modern gift idea has an 18-century theme in Porcelain, with gems like opal also being used.

19th year anniversary

  • Modern Gifts: Bronze
  • Gemstone Gifts: Aquamarine or Topaz

The perfect gemstone for this occasion can be either aquamarine or topaz – both stones have the power to bring peace and calmness in times of change so they’re sure not going unnoticed on your big day!

20th anniversary

China is the traditional theme for the 20th
  • Traditional Gifts: China
  • Modern Gifts: Bone China or Platinum
  • Gemstone Gifts: Emerald
  • Appropriate Flower: Day Lily

The traditional twentieth anniversary has a theme of China. The modern one can be themed with Platinum, and the appropriate flowers for this occasion are Day Lilys!

21st Wedding anniversary

  • Modern Gifts: Nickel or Brass
  • Gemstone Gifts: Iolite

A modern twenty-first anniversary idea is all about Nickel, an alternative gift for this special day. You could also go with Brass as a theme and Iolite gemstone would be perfect!

22nd year Wedding anniversary

  • Modern Gifts: Copper
  • Gemstone Gifts: Spinel (all Colors)

The twenty-second anniversary is a special time to reflect on the past and appreciate what has been accomplished. The modern gemstone, Spinel (all colors), symbolsize strength in unity which echoes this sentiment perfectly as it can be worn by people of any gender for its simple yet elegant design that speaks volumes about character building qualities like loyalty, honesty etcetera!

23rd year anniversary

  • Modern Gifts: Silver-plate
  • Gemstone Gifts: Imperial Topaz

The twenty-third gift is a special occasion for you and your partner, so they can cherish it and remember all the memories. The right gemstone will help them do just that!

24th anniversary

  • Modern Gifts: Musical Instruments
  • Gemstone Gifts: Tanzanite

The gift of music is the perfect way to celebrate your relationship. The gemstone that represents this, Tanzanite in everything it does best- survives tough times and continues on with strength!

25th year anniversary also known as the Silver Wedding

25th gifts are traditionally silver themed
  • Traditional Gifts: Silver
  • Modern Gifts: Silver
  • Gemstone Gifts: Sterling Silver
  • Appropriate Flower: Iris

The traditional twenty fifth anniversary has a theme of Silver. The modern day gift for this occasion should be Sterling silver with the appropriate gemstone, flowers; Iris as your choice to symbolize love and fidelity in marriage! Perhaps you’ll want to celebrate your silver wedding with a trip to the beach. to make it an extra memorable celebration select your location to match the theme of silver, so silver-springs or silver-sands are the go to destinations

26th anniversary

Modern Gifts: Original Pictures

We’ll help you find the perfect anniversary idea for your husband or wife as you celebrate your twenty-sixth anniversary.

27th year Wedding anniversary

Modern Gifts: Sculpture

Sculpture is a great theme for an anniversary idea. The word sculpture itself means: “to carve or cut by chipping away at something.” The most common sculptures are made of stone, but they can be carved out of wood as well.

28th year anniversary

Modern Gifts: Orchids

Orchids are a wonderful choice for your wife to show her how much you care. Whilst a relatively cheap anniversary idea, the trick is keeping them healthy!

29th anniversary

Modern Gifts: Furniture

I once had a friend who bought me a couch. It wasn’t the most expensive one, but it was still pretty nice.

30th year anniversary also known as the Pearl Wedding

30 year gifts are pearls
  • Traditional Gifts: Pearls
  • Modern Gifts: Diamond Jewelry
  • Gemstone Gifts: Pearls
  • Appropriate Flower: Sweet pea

A great gift idea for the thirtieth is pearl earrings, which are valued at thirty dollars. If you want to go above and beyond, consider purchasing pearls that were harvested in the past year or the year you wed.

31st year Wedding anniversary

Modern Gifts: Timepieces

The best gift you can give to a couple on their thirty-first anniversary is an heirloom watch.

32nd year anniversary

Modern Gifts: Conveyances

A conveyance is something that gets you from point A to point B, and this gift celebrates the way your partner has gotten you where they wanted to go. Because of their hard work, support, and encouragement in all aspects of life.

33rd anniversary

Modern Gifts: Amethyst

Amethyst is a beautiful stone, and it’s important to know that they were used as gems in ancient times. They’re also the birthstone of February!

34th year wedding anniversary

Modern Gifts: Opal

A perfect gift for a couple. This lovely gemstone has a rich history and it’s associated with love, loyalty, purity, and joy.

35th year anniversary AKA the Coral Wedding

35th year gifts have a theme of coral
  • Traditional Gifts: Coral
  • Modern Gifts: Jade

It’s traditional to give a coral necklace to the bride on her thirty-fifth anniversary. However jade is a symbol of eternal love, you can’t go wrong with that for your anniversary!

36th anniversary

Modern Gifts: Bone China

A Bone China tableware set, it maybe a cheap anniversary idea yet it’s elegant, beautiful, and very affordable!

37th Wedding anniversary

Modern Gifts: Alabaster

Alabaster is a soft stone mainly used for sculptures it can last for years and it looks great in any home.

38th year Wedding anniversary

Modern Gifts: Beryl

There are many different anniversary ideas you can get for your wife, but I recommend a Beryl gemstone. It’s easy to find, and it has a beautiful color that is sure to please the eye of your woman.

39th year anniversary

Modern Gifts: Lace

Perhaps your sweetheart would like a gift of lace. There are plenty of ways that you can give this theme, and it is also one that will please them (and you 😉 for years to come.

40th year anniversary also known as the Ruby Wedding

40th year gifts are ruby themed
  • Traditional Gifts: Ruby
  • Modern Gifts: Ruby
  • Gemstone Gifts: Ruby
  • Appropriate Flower: Nasturtium

Did you know that ruby is said to be a symbol of love and devotion, which are two qualities every married couple should strive for.

41st Wedding anniversary

Modern Gifts: Land

If you’re thinking of buying a gift for your parents or grandparents’ anniversary, why not go with something that reminds them of their first home?

42nd year anniversary

Modern Gifts: Improved Real Estate

I recommend giving your parents a gift that will make their home better. Check out some of the great ideas we have for them on our website!

43rd anniversary

Modern Gifts: Travel

This is the perfect time to celebrate your relationship with a sentimental trip perhaps to reconstruct your first date.

44th Wedding anniversary

Modern Gifts: Groceries

The word “Groceries” is a cute idea for a gift. It’s colourful, tasty, and you can eat it every day!

45th year anniversary also known as the Sapphire Wedding

traditional gifts : Sapphire
  • Traditional Gifts: Sapphire
  • Modern Gifts: Sapphire
  • Gemstone Gifts: Alexandrite

I recommend that you get your significant other a lovely sapphire ring. It’s the perfect anniversary gift because it signifies a love that’s forever!

46th year wedding anniversary

Modern Gifts: Original Poetry Tribute

make an Original Poetry Tribute

You’d be surprised at how much your spouse would appreciate a copy of their favorite poem handwritten by you of course!

47th Wedding anniversary

Modern Gifts: Books

People who like books would love a Kindle or Nook, which lets you carry all your favorite books around with you.

48th year anniversary

Optical Goods

Modern Gifts: Optical Goods

A great anniversary idea for optical lovers would be the Eyepiece Microscope. It’s a simple but powerful microscope that can view slides and other small objects.

49th anniversary

Modern Gifts: Luxuries, any Kind

A great anniversary idea for your partner is a trip to Hawaii. It’s been voted the best place to spend a honeymoon and it has plenty of luxury hotels and places for you two to stay together.

50th year anniversary also known as the Golden Wedding

Gold themed gifts
  • Traditional Gifts: Gold
  • Modern Gifts: Gold Jewellery
  • Appropriate Flower: Violets

Gold is a great way to celebrate this milestone and you can get it in jewelry, bullion or even engraved goblets!

After the fiftieth anniversary most of the gift lists move to only nominating a theme ever five years.

55th year anniversary also known as the Emerald Wedding

Emerald theme for the 55th
  • Modern Gifts: Emerald
  • Gemstone Gifts: Alexandrite

Emerald is a beautiful color that has no gender and matches most outfits.

60th wedding anniversary

  • Modern Gifts: Diamonds
  • Gemstone Gifts: Diamonds

A diamond is considered to be the best gemstone for this special occasion and can be worn as an accessory or even incorporated into their wedding ring.

65th year anniversary

Star sapphire is the them for the 65th
  • Modern Gifts: Star Sapphire
  • Gemstone Gifts: Star Sapphire

The Star Sapphire is the perfect gift for a couple celebrating their sixty-fifth year together. It’s understated, yet beautiful; and will have deep meaning to them as well because star sapphires represent faithfulness, wisdom and truth.

70th wedding anniversary

Modern Gifts: Platinum

It’s customary to give gifts of platinum

75th year anniversary also known as the Diamond Wedding

Diamonds are the them for many later anniversaries.
  • Traditional Gifts: Diamonds
  • Modern Gifts: Diamonds
  • Gemstone Gifts: Diamonds

Diamonds are beautiful and they’re very valuable, so it’s quite impressive when someone gets them as a present!

80th year anniversary

Modern Gifts: Pearls, Diamonds or Oak

The eightieth gift has a theme of Pearls; an alternative modern eightieth gift can be themed with Diamonds. Oak has also been mentioned although no reference source can be found for this theme.

85th anniversary

Modern Gifts: Sapphire
Gemstone Gifts: Sapphire

The eight-fifth gift has a theme of Sapphire; an alternative modern eight fifth gift can be themed with Diamonds.

90th anniversary

Modern Gifts: Diamonds or Emerald

The ninetieth gift has a theme of Diamonds; an alternative modern ninetieth gift can be themed with Emerald.

95th year anniversary

Modern Gifts: Ruby or Diamonds

The ninety-fifth gift has a theme of Ruby; an alternative modern ninety fifth gift can be themed with Diamonds.

100th anniversary

Modern Gifts: Ten Carat Diamond

The one hundredth gift has a theme of Ten Carat Diamond.