Celebrating the 24 Year Wedding Anniversary

There is something special about the 24th wedding anniversary, and that is you’re almost at a quarter of a century together. You know each other inside-out so you can really make each new year something really memorable with a nice gift. Although it’s not a milestone date like the 20th was or the 25th will be, it’s still a nice occasion to get together and spend time with each other. Perhaps remembering your wedding day and your vows, or having the excitement of trading gifts with one another.

Traditional 24th Anniversary Gift Theme

For the 24th wedding anniversary gift you will have to follow the modern gift theme as there are no traditional symbols or materials associated with this year.

Modern 24th Anniversary gift theme

Part of a trumpet to indicate musical instruments are the modern 24th year anniversary theme

The modern gift theme for 24 years is Musical Instruments. This doesn’t mean you have to buy a full brass band’s worth of instruments. Maybe you could take the first step to building a nice hobby of learning to play an instrument with your partner.

You’ll never forget that it was bought for your 24th wedding anniversary. You can teach, encourage and work together as a team, just as you have for all of these years together. Having a musical instrument in the home can bring out your creative sides and give you something to work towards. It might even have been a hobby earlier in your life or something you’ve always wished to do but haven’t gotten around to it yet. So, now’s the time to buy a trumpet, a piano, a guitar or something else musical.

Appropriate Flowers for the 24th Anniversary

Similarly with the traditional symbols and materials. There are no flowers associated with the 24th wedding anniversary gift. That’s OK it just means you can have free reign in buying a beautiful bunch of flowers for your loved one that she really likes. If she prefers roses, tulips, lilies or if it’s spring, then daffodils might be a great choice for her.

Gemstone gift them for the 24 year anniversary

Diamond cut Tanzanite Gemstone

When it comes to buying the 24 year anniversary gift, then you could opt for the gemstone theme that is connected to the year which is tanzanite.

Tanzanite is the rare gem that hails from the hills of Tanzania in Africa, and is stunning with its blue and purple look. Being from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s an exotic and unique gem that looks wonderful either on its own or as part of a necklace, ring or earrings.

Tanzanite in it’s natural form is a rather dull shade of grey and is a rather uninteresting stone however when heat treated it turns into vivid shades of Violet or indigo.

The larger stones with the more vibrant and clear are the ones that can achieve very high prices. When choosing higher value tanzanite gemstones you need to also ask if the stone is cobalt coated which is done to enhance stones with poor color.

The 24 year Anniversary Facts and Figures

spotlight illuminating the figure 24

On the 24th anniversary of your marriage you would have been married for

  • 8,760 days or
  • 210,240 hours or
  • 12,614,400 minutes which is over
  • 756 million seconds!

During this time you would have shared, on average, over 65,700 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) or about 7 years, 6 months.

Assuming you don’t work together you’ve been apart for over 50,745 hours which is about 5 years, 10 months.

You would have by now shared about 19,100 meals together which equates to approximately 1 year, 3 months of continuous eating!

The 24th year wedding anniversary is something that you can really make an effort with as it’s often overshadowed by the impending 25th year anniversary. Twenty-four years is still a fantastic amount of time to be married and it deserves to be celebrated in style. Don’t forget to buy some flowers, as even if there are no specific ones related, you can make a lovely gesture and buy some anyway. You could look forward to buying a musical instrument together or a pair to play together, and then buy music lessons for the type of instrument you buy. One thing is for sure, you’ll not forget the 24th wedding anniversary gift in a hurry!

What’s Next

Next year, being the 25th Wedding Anniversary the traditional gift theme list suggests Silver as the appropriate gift theme. The Modern gift also list suggests Silver as the themes. The Gemstone Anniversary List bizarrely offers Sterling Silver as the theme (it’s not a gemstone!) The appropriate flowers are the Iris .

Last year, the 23rd Wedding Anniversary there is no traditional gift theme assigned as the appropriate gift theme. The Modern gift list suggests Silver plate as the theme. The Gemstone Anniversary List offers Imperial Topaz as the gift theme. There are no appropriate flowers assigned for the year.