15th year Wedding Anniversary

15 year Traditional anniversary gift - Crystal imageThe Traditional Wedding Anniversary list shows that the 15 year anniversary has a theme of Crystal. There are many options available to you to commemorate your 15thanniversary in Crystal there are many cut-glass Crystal vases, bowls or glasses available. Being a significant anniversary perhaps an ornamental bowl or vase is the ideal solution.

If you are looking for a statement piece then a great solution is a cut-glass crystal decanter with glasses.

24% Lead Crystal is the standard that should be sought when selecting crystal gifts.

watches 15 years modern anniversary symbolA contemporary or modern 15th year anniversary gift has a theme of Watches. You can often get great bargains when you shop for a pair of watches rather than just one watch perhaps now is the time to treat yourself at the same time!
Roses - 15 year anniversary appropriate flower imageThe flowers associated with the 15th anniversary are Roses. The language of flowers has many meanings for flowers depending upon their type some meanings are:

  • Red Rose – I Love You
  • Pink Rose – Perfect happiness; please believe me
  • Yellow Rose – Friendship
  • Thornless Rose – Love at first sight
  • Single, full bloom Rose – I love you; I still love you
  • Rose bud – Beauty and youth; a heart innocent of love
  • Red Rose bud – Pure and lovely
  • Bouquet of full bloom Roses – Gratitude
  • Rose Tea – I’ll always remember
Rock Crystal 15 year GemstoneThe Gemstone Wedding Anniversary list shows Rock Crystal is the appropriate gemstone for this year.

15 year anniversary facts

spotlight on 15 year anniversary imageOn the 15th anniversary of your marriage you would have been married for 5,475 days or 131,400 hours or 7,884,000 minutes which is over 473 million seconds!

During this time you would have shared, on average, over  41,000 hours of snuggle time (sleeping!) or over 4 ½ years; assuming you don’t work together you’ve been apart for over 31,000 hours which is about 3 years 7 months and you would have had over 11,000 meals together which equates to approximately 284 days of continuous eating!