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8 simple ways to make your romantic anniversary extra special

If you’re looking for some creative ways to make a romantic anniversary extra special, look no further. In fact, there are plenty of things you can do on you & your partner’s big day that will be appreciated more than anything else in the world.

1. Prioritize.

  • Prioritize.

The first thing you should do is make time for each other. To do this, you and your partner will have to sit down together and talk about what you like to do as a couple, how often and when the two of you would like to schedule these activities in your life and how they fit in with other priorities (i.e., work).

This doesn’t mean that all your plans need to be together—maybe it’s more important for one of you to be home at night with the kids than it is for the two of them go out on an anniversary date; however, if either one of them feels like their needs aren’t being met, resentment could form between the two partners over time. If this happens frequently enough over the course of several years or decades then problems might arise later down the line due to a lack of understanding, communication and connection.

Our solution (after 35 years) has been to alternate arranging anniversary celebrations with the exception of the major ones where we’ve both got involved and arranged it together.

2. Go on a date.

For some, the thought of celebrating an anniversary is all too familiar. You’ve been married for years and have already celebrated every major holiday in your marriage. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Think about what you did for your first few anniversaries together and bring those ideas into play this year – whether it’s going out to dinner or cooking at home with candles lit throughout the house, no matter how small or large your budget is there are ways for you both to enjoy yourselves on this special day.

Your anniversary could be as simple as an evening stroll through your favorite park or as extravagant as a weekend getaway in another city; whatever suits you best will make your spouse feel special without breaking the bank (or breaking any rules).

3. Pick out a romantic anniversary gift.

You might be thinking, “I’m not sure what to get! I just want to make her super happy.” But you don’t have to. In fact, the simpler and more meaningful your gift is, the better. After all, you know her better than anyone else—you already have an idea of what will make her happy.

To keep things simple:

  • Don’t buy something expensive; it doesn’t need to be (and shouldn’t be). If money’s tight for either of you right now (and who isn’t?), this is a great way to show how much you care without breaking the bank.
  • Don’t buy something that she would like but wouldn’t get for herself (for example: a new car). You want it to feel special—like it was made just for them and no one else!
  • Avoid giving something too personal or impersonal at first sight (such as lingerie or jewelry). This one can depend on your relationship with each other; ask yourself if/when would be appropriate before making any decisions about gifts like these in advance of your anniversary date itself.”

We’ve many anniversary gifts here on our web site, many often based on the gift theme for the year you are celebrating

4. Just say, ‘I love you.’

In today’s busy world, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the daily grind. We’re always on the go, so you might not always find time to say “I love you” as often as you would like.

But the truth is that saying “I love you” every day matters a lot more than most people realize. It helps keep your relationship strong and healthy by reminding each other how much love there is between both of you. It also helps remind each other that this is an important part of your relationship—one that needs nurturing at every opportunity!

The next time someone asks how they can show their partner they care about them more than anything else in this world: tell them that all they need do is say those three words with meaning behind them (and then maybe throw some flowers into the mix.)

5. Give each other some space.

One of the most important ways to keep your relationship healthy is by spending quality time apart. Spending time apart allows you to maintain your personal interests and hobbies, spend quality time with friends and family, work on yourself, or even spend quality time doing things together.

When we spend too much time together it can get boring, so it’s important that couples learn how to separate themselves every now and then. This will help them feel more connected because they’ll have each other’s best interests in mind when spending some time apart.

6. Indulge your senses.

Stimulating your senses in the right way can make for a great romantic anniversary.

  • You can use Scented candles and scented oils to set a romantic mood.
  • Scented soaps and lotions are great for creating your own spa experience.
  • Perfumes are available in many scents, including fruity, flowery, and musky.

7. Write each other a note or letter that explains how you feel about your relationship, and what makes your partner so special to you.

If you’re looking for a way to make your anniversary memorable, consider writing each other a letter. A letter is an old-fashioned way of expressing feelings that many people appreciate. It’s also a great opportunity to think about what makes your partner so special, and how they’ve made you feel over the years.

Include any qualities or traits that stand out—whether it’s something broad (like “you’re always there when I need you”) or specific (“you never forget our anniversary”). If this is particularly challenging for you, try listing things in bullet points: they’re easier to read than paragraphs of text!

8. Don’t forget to make it last all year long!

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but don’t let a romantic anniversary become the only time you take a pause to enjoy each other.

It’s too easy for romance to fizzle out over time—but it doesn’t have to. The best way to keep your relationship fresh is by celebrating special days throughout the year just like this one.

Even if every day isn’t Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary, there are lots of ways you can show your love: send him flowers at work or bring home his favorite dessert from his favorite restaurant in celebration of his birthday; surprise her with tickets for concert tickets or a spa day on her birthday; go out for dinner and movie night every Friday night (or something else fun).

Anniversaries are important to celebrate and enjoy, no matter how many years you’ve been together

You can have a lot of fun celebrating anniversaries. You can do something that is special to you both, or maybe just do something together. Whatever you do, it’s important to remember that anniversaries are a great way to celebrate your relationship and reflect on how far you’ve come together as well. They’re also an opportunity to rekindle the romance—which is always good!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Hopefully, these tips will help you plan a romantic anniversary to remember. If you follow them all, we can almost guarantee that your partner will feel loved and appreciated on this day of celebration—and every day after that.

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How to choose an Anniversary Gift for your Husband

a couple smiling after gift giving

Choosing Anniversary gifts for Him

So, you’ve been married for a while. Congrats! You’ve made it through some tough times and come out the other side with a person who is truly special to you—your husband. But now that the excitement of the wedding day has faded away and life gets busy, it can be hard to find time to sit down together and reflect on how lucky you are.

That’s why anniversaries are so important: they’re an opportunity to celebrate your relationship, whether it’s one year or fifty years! If your husband is anything like mine, finding perfect anniversary gifts for him can be challenging. There are just so many options out there, but most of them aren’t quite right for what I’d like my husband to have as a keepsake from our special day together…

You love your husband, and you know just how special he is.

You love your husband, and you know just how special he is. Perhaps you’ve been married for some time now, and even though you may be feeling like a married couple who have fallen into a routine or have forgotten what brought you together in the first place. It’s always important to remind yourself of all the good things about your relationship.

You’re not alone if this has happened to any of us at one point or another. It can be hard sometimes to keep up with all the changes life throws at us as we get older. But don’t worry! If your husband has done anything important in his life, like become an amazing father or get promoted at work. There are plenty of ways that both partners can celebrate these milestones together so they feel deeply appreciated by each other.

When it comes to anniversary gifts for men, finding that perfect present isn’t always easy.

When it comes to romantic anniversary gifts for men, finding that perfect present can be a daunting task. Men are notoriously hard to buy for—and even harder when it comes to the milestone anniversaries in a relationship. That’s because what makes an ideal anniversary gift for him will depend on his personality and interests, as well as yours.

If you’re looking for a meaningful anniversary gift that says “I love you,” but he’s not into mushy stuff. You might want to consider giving him something more practical instead.

How do you find a gift that’s meaningful without being incredibly personal?

When it comes to finding the perfect anniversary gift for your husband, the best place to start is with something that’s both unique and special. After all, you want this gift to be something he’ll remember forever.

Something meaningful without being overly personal is also a good idea. You don’t want your husband feeling uncomfortable about getting an intimate gift. He might think it’s too much or just plain weird.

A practical yet fun choice works well here because these gifts are often appreciated more than most other kinds of gifts. The reason? They’re useful while still being fun!

How can you choose a gift that he’ll like without being too mushy or too practical?

Now that you have a good idea of what kind of guy your husband is, it’s time to start shopping. But how can you choose a gift that he’ll like without being too mushy or too practical? Here are some things to avoid:

  • Gifts that are too mushy. You want the anniversary to be special, but he doesn’t need another teddy bear or candlelit dinner.
  • Gifts that are too impersonal. You don’t want him to think you’re trying to buy his affection with gifts, so steer clear of anything from an online dating service or registry at Bed Bath & Beyond.
  • Gifts that are too personal (e.g., lingerie). If this is something he’d appreciate and use often, then go for it! But if not… well…

Where are the best places to find the perfect anniversary gifts for men in your life?

There are plenty of places to find the perfect anniversary gifts for men in your life. Here are some popular options:

Online gift shops:

Online gift shops offer an easy way to find a variety of anniversary gifts for a good price. Plus, many of them will deliver directly to the address you provide and often offer free shipping!

Gift cards:

Gift cards can be used anywhere from restaurants to clothing stores, so they’re great if you don’t know what kind of gift he would like. They also help cut down on time spent shopping because you can just buy one card with multiple uses instead of several smaller ones.

These anniversary gifts for your husband will show him what a wonderful person he wed.

Finding the right anniversary gift for your husband can be tricky, but it’s well worth the effort. There are many different options available to choose from. What’s more it’s important to consider each one carefully before making a decision.

Consider what kind of person he is. Does he like sports? Does he like to travel? Is he interested in sports memorabilia or collecting coins? Answering these questions will help you determine what kinds of gifts would best suit him.

Think about his hobbies and interests when thinking about what kind of gift might appeal to him most deeply.

  • If his hobby is fishing, then an angling-themed watch may be interesting.
  • Perhaps he enjoys reading mysteries, then a book subscription service could be a good choice.
  • If you know that your husband loves cars then maybe getting him some tickets would make him happy!

Anytime that you can find something related closely enough with something else that they enjoy doing together (such as going out on date nights) can make things even better than just having something generic sitting around somewhere taking up space without being used very often at all!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to anniversary gifts for husbands, the most important thing is that you show him how much you care about him on this special day. Find something that he’ll like and appreciate, but don’t worry if it’s not exactly perfect for every occasion. Just make sure it reflects how much love there is between the two of you and go from there!

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What is the best way to celebrate your anniversary?

best way to celebrate your anniversary


There are so many ways to celebrate your anniversary. It can be hard to come up with the perfect way to mark the occasion. You want something that will be meaningful for both of you, but also memorable and fun! We’ve rounded up some great ideas that will help make planning this special day easier:

Plan a trip.

Getting away from the normal grind is one of the best ways to celebrate a special occasion. If you have always wanted to go somewhere, or if there is a place you’ve never been before, plan a trip! The best part? You can celebrate your anniversary while celebrating with your partner.

If you are planning on going away, be sure to check out the travel blogs for the area you’ll visit. They’re full of great tips and tricks, as well as fun ideas for your trip.

Write a love letter.

Words for a love letter

A love letter is an act of devotion and care, and it’s the perfect way to express how much you love your partner. It can be difficult to write letters when you’re in a relationship with someone who isn’t as good at expressing their feelings as you are (but we have some tips for that later). If you’ve been together for a while, though, this kind of exercise can be very rewarding for both of you.

Here are some tips on how to write an anniversary letter:

  • Tell them why they mean so much to you — include all of the reasons why they’re special and important in your life.
  • Share what makes them so special; maybe it’s their sense of humor or generosity or kindness? Whatever it is, let them know!
  • Tell them what qualities about themselves make each day better than before because they came into your life (and there will always be more days ahead).

Have a picnic.

One of the best ways to celebrate your anniversary is with a picnic. Picnics are inexpensive, fun and romantic. If you have enough time and money, you can even go on an overnight camping trip that includes all three elements of nature, food and sleep!

Do something adventurous.

Photo of a couple on a tethered parachute with just the bottom of their legs showing and the boat towing them in the background
Perhaps, tandem paragliding!

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, an adventure-lover, or just want to do something different for your anniversary, there’s no better way to celebrate than by doing something adventurous.

  • Go hiking—Hiking is a great way to connect with each other and spend time outdoors. It can also be a challenge that brings the two of you closer together as you take on new challenges together.
  • Go camping—Nothing says “I love you” like spending some time in the great outdoors! Camping offers an opportunity for both of you to experience something new (and share some laughs).
  • Zip lining—If zip lining isn’t on your bucket list yet, it should be! Zip lining is fun and exhilarating while also providing excellent opportunities for bonding while being off the ground.
  • White water rafting—White water rafting offers up thrills galore with its fast moving rapids, small waterfalls and raging rivers. You’ll laugh at each other’s antics as you navigate through this exciting activity that will have both of your hearts racing by the end of it all!

Go to a concert.

Going to a concert is one of the best ways to celebrate your anniversary. The right venue can make or break your experience, though. Find out what’s available in your area and choose an option that allows you to enjoy yourselves while listening to music that is meaningful and enjoyable for both of you.

Choosing the right music can help create memories together as well.

Give each other thoughtful gifts.

You want to make sure that you are giving your partner a thoughtful gift, and not just something they can use.

For example:

  • If they like to cook and you know they’ve been wanting a new knife set, get them one!
  • Perhaps they are a coffee lover, if so get them some delicious coffee!
  • If they like to read and you know their favorite book is on sale, buy it for them.

The best gift for your partner is something that shows how much you know about them and how much you care.

Go on a road trip.

Perhaps take a road trip through all of those gorgeous state parks on your way out west! It doesn’t matter how far or where exactly you go—just make sure it’s somewhere new and exciting that will be fun for both of you. This is also a great opportunity to spend some quality time together as a couple.

Take the time to make the day special for you and your partner

We’ve all heard that you should spend time with your partner, but it’s worth repeating: the best way to celebrate your anniversary is by taking the time to make it special for both of you. This includes doing things together on a regular basis (like dinner or going out), but what really matters is being able to communicate with each other.

Sharing your thoughts and feelings may be harder than it sounds, but being able to do so will help strengthen your relationship as well as deepen your understanding of one another. Your partner might need certain things from you that they aren’t comfortable asking for outright—and if they don’t ask for them, how can you know what they want? In return, let them know what makes YOU happy!

In addition, take into consideration any needs that might arise from day-to-day life (or other relationships). It’s easy for these little things tend overshadow our important milestones like anniversaries; however when we’re busy taking care of everyone else around us, it becomes easy for our partner’s needs to get overlooked. This is why it’s great to spend a special day together and reconnect.

In Conclusion

The best way to celebrate your anniversary is to do something that you both enjoy. If you want to take the time to make it special and memorable, then plan a trip or write some love letters. It can be as simple as planning an afternoon picnic or going on a road trip together. Whatever you decide, remember that celebrating this day is important because it shows how much love there is between two people who have been together for so long!

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Anniversary Gift Ideas for your Wife

Anniversary Gifts for Her

Anniversary gifts symbolise many things. On your upcoming anniversary, she would love to receive the gift that also means you’re looking forward to the coming years of being by her side.

Shopping for an anniversary gift for your wife can be hard. There are so many things to consider, from what she likes to how much money you’re willing to spend. We’ve put together some great pointers based on their personality traits that will make this process a little easier.

Always Glamorous

Your wife is always glamorous. You can be sure that she will take her time to get ready, and it shows. A safe bet is to give her something that’s in line with the latest make-up fashions or styles. Look in her make-up bag for inspiration: if something has been used extensively, then a replenishment could be just what your wife needs!

Jewellery is always a great option for a glamorous lady. Check their wardrobe for the colors they prefer, select jewellery to match or contrast these colors, then add some personalization if you like (such as engraving).

Itchy Feet Traveller

Itchy Feet Traveller in the mountains on a summer's day

Traveling is a great way to spend time together. It keeps you both active and adventurous, which is something most people want in their lives.

Traveling can also be an incredible gift for your wife if you know where she wants to go. If she has been talking about visiting Paris, or Italy, or Spain—then surprise her with a trip! You could plan it at the last minute or book everything early on in advance for the best experience possible when traveling with your wife.

When thinking about how you want your wife to feel on this trip, keep in mind that it should be one of the best times of her life so far (if not THE best). Your wife will feel like royalty because of how much effort went into creating this wonderful experience for her!

The only thing left now is making sure that everything goes according to plan and she doesn’t suspect anything until after she’s been whisked away from home!


It is important to know what your wife’s style is before you purchase a gift for her. If you don’t, then your gift will not be as appreciated or enjoyed. It would be like giving someone a shirt that they hate, but it was the only one you liked in the store.

Ask yourself these questions: What are her favorite designers? What are her favorite brands? What color(s) does she prefer? Does she wear accessories more often than clothes?

If you can answer these questions, then getting the right anniversary gift will be much easier on both of your parts!

Sentimental Signora 

If your wife is sentimental, then you will have to be extra careful when picking a gift. The best way to do this is by remembering the past.

Make her feel like she is special and that she has been there for you through thick and thin. Even if it means just spending some time together, do it with love and be more caring than before.

Also, remember to listen to her because she needs someone who will listen to every word of hers with great interest as well as care about what she says or how she feels at any given moment in time. These are very important things for both partners in a relationship regardless of whether they are married or not so always remember that even though it may seem simple at first glance but there’s more depth behind each action we take during our daily lives which makes them even more precious than anything else we could possibly imagine having around us; therefore try not losing sight of this precious commodity while making plans out there today because it may end up costing us dearly later on down the road if we don’t pay attention now when everything should still be okay between two people who share mutual feelings towards one another!

Gourmet Foodie

If your wife is a foodie, you can never go wrong with gourmet foodie gifts. This category of gifts is for the gourmand who loves good food and enjoys trying new things. If your wife falls into this category, then she will most certainly appreciate any of these gift ideas:

  • Foodie Gift Basket – A gift basket filled with all kinds of delicious treats that your wife can savor while watching television or reading a book after dinner is always a great choice. You could include crackers and cheese, chocolates, wine pairings, jams and jellies…the possibilities are endless!
  • Wine And Cheese Party In Your Own Home – Have an intimate gathering at home where you serve up some fabulous wines paired with some tasty cheeses (if you choose to use imported cheeses). The best part about this idea is that it doesn’t cost much money but allows everyone attending to feel like they’re at some fancy restaurant in France!

Always make it Special

  • Make it special. If you want to make an impact, the best thing you can do is go above and beyond. Make sure your wife has a memorable day, one that she’ll always remember.
  • Be creative. Don’t be afraid of being different or original, as this is what will set your gift apart from the rest! Don’t just get her a box of chocolates or flowers; think outside the box and give her something that she knows means more than just money spent on it (if there even is such a thing).
  • Don’t be afraid to spend more than usual. As long as your budget allows for it, try getting her something really good by spending more than usual—she’s worth it! You don’t need to go overboard with expensive gifts all the time though—just once in awhile will suffice if done right 🙂

Final thoughts

If you’re looking to make her happy on an Anniversary, then I hope you found what you needed here.

We’ve covered everything from the most common gifts to more unique ones that are sure to surprise. This list is full of ideas for your wife–and if one of them sounds like something she would love, go for it! You deserve only the best on your special day 🙂

Happy Anniversary!

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First Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1 year anniversary gifts

Are you looking for first wedding anniversary gifts? Well, look no further! Our selection of first anniversary gift ideas has everything you need to celebrate your first year of marriage. From traditional symbols to more modern themes, we have something for everyone. So take a look at our lists and find the perfect gift for your spouse!

How Do I Celebrate My 1st Wedding Anniversary?

There are many ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary. You could have a party, go on a holiday, or just spend some time together at home.

How you choose to celebrate your first wedding anniversary will set the tone for many years of marriage. That’s why it’s important to take some time before making any final decisions about what you want to do.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Do you want to celebrate in an intimate way with just the two of you? Or do you want to invite family and friends?
  • What kind of food would be best? Should it be something traditional—like pizza or kebabs—or something more creative?
  • What kind of gift would be appropriate? Should it be paper-related, or should it have some other meaning for either of you?
celebration scene

If you are a party animal nothing is stopping you from having a party, getting your mates round, and watching the wedding video together over a take-away and a few beers. Given Paper is the traditional symbol the ideal food would be Pizza or kebabs in their takeaway wrapper as they are all served in some form of paper.

Resist the urge to give a paper book as the 4th anniversary has a traditional theme of books and if you’ve given it three years earlier then you could limit your choice.

Photographic paper to actually print your wedding photos which could give rise to a whole bout of events as you show your friends and relatives.

First year wedding anniversary presents

Several anniversary gift lists suggest the material or symbol to base a present on. The traditional gift list suggests Paper as the appropriate theme. This is also why it is known as the paper anniversary. There is also a modern gift list and this suggests the modern gift is themed on Clocks for the first anniversary.

Two other useful gift lists exist that are popular are the gemstone gift list and the flower gift list. The gemstone list recommends first anniversary gift ideas are based on Fresh Water Pearls and the appropriate flowers for the first anniversary are Pansies.

None of these gift lists are mandatory to follow, as the pirates say! “these be more guidelines.” They are provided to help you select that perfect anniversary gift and add some interest over the years to help you celebrate your special day. We hope we can help by providing you with the best anniversary gifts available on the internet today.

Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • Anniversary Memories Book
  • 1st Anniversary Journal
  • Stationary printed with your initials.
  • Post Cards or Stamps.
  • Calendars
  • Newspaper or Magazine Subscriptions.
  • Origami Paper and instructional books.
  • Paper Mache Boxes.
  • Jigsaw puzzles (of the wedding.)
  • Paperweights and paper-related items such as paper clips, paper cutting dies.
  • Paper Flowers.
  • Framed sheet music (Your Song, First Dance, or something up to date)
anniversary gifts

Modern First Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The one year anniversary gift has a theme of clocks. If you’re opting to buy a clock gift then opt for one to match your lifestyle.

  • Anniversary Clock
  • Mantle commemoration clock.
  • Alexa Clock
  • Picture Clock
  • Personalized Desk Clock
  • Egg Timer
  • Clock/Thermometer/Barometer
  • Time Trials (Motor Racing/Horse/Athletics)

Gemstone First Anniversary Ideas

Fresh Water Pearls are the appropriate gemstone as an anniversary gift.

  • Traditional Pearl Necklace,
  • Freshwater Pearl Cufflinks
  • Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
  • Signature Freshwater Pearl Pendant

First Anniversary Activity Ideas

Many people love to do something together for their 1st Anniversary, so we’ve pulled some ideas together that fit with the traditional theme of paper.

  • Paper Roadmap with a route marked to a romantic getaway.
  • Origami Paper and link to YouTube videos of instructional videos. e.g. Origami Heart
  • Paper tickets to an event be it sport, concert, or theatrical.
  • Fish and Chip supper by the Sea
  • Picnic with Paper table-covering and plates.

First Anniversary Gift ideas to each other

  • Books (Perhaps a personalized Wedding Album with their favorite photos)
  • An Anniversary Journal (great to record for future years)
  • Art Prints
  • Sheet Music (duets are ideal, that you could learn together)
  • Paper Flowers/Jewelry
  • Papier mache figurines
  • Road Atlas to a romantic hideaway

More first wedding anniversary gifts

Do you have first anniversary gift ideas? Great! Here are some first anniversary gifts to consider also.

– Paper Anniversary Gift. We have a wide variety of paper anniversary gifts, including cards and photo albums – the perfect way to commemorate your first year together

– Engraved One Year Anniversary Gifts. If you’re looking for first anniversary gifts that will last forever, we’ve got plenty of options for engraving on metal or wood, which is also an excellent way to commemorate this special occasion in life as well as celebrate your love with something beautiful

– A Personalized 1st Anniversary Gift. For first wedding anniversaries where it’s important to give something unique, we offer personalized gifts like custom-made books.

What’s a perfect first anniversary gift?

When it comes to picking out a gift, it’s always important to think about what the recipient will love the most. If your partner loves spending time in the kitchen, why not get them the newest cooking book? Or if your spouse is a bit of a homebody, give them some luxury bath products to show just how much they mean to you.

As long as you put some time into thinking about what your partner truly wants, you can find the perfect gift that will show them how special they are on their special occasion.

When is my first anniversary?

Now there are no silly questions here, and this is far from silly as it’s far from cut and dry!

Traditionally the day you wed, legally, is selected when you would celebrate your first anniversary. This is a calendar year after your wedding date when you swapped wedding vows in a formal legally binding ceremony.

Nowadays with the decline of traditional marriage, many couples are choosing to commemorate another day. The most common of these being, in no particular order:

  • First date,
  • Commitment Ceremony,
  • First swipe right!
  • First meaningful kiss,
  • When you first moved in together or
  • First night spent together.

Certain religions have two ceremonies, one religion and one civil/legal typically it is the first of these two ceremonies you would celebrate your year anniversary on.

What are 1 year anniversary ideas for my husband

Why are men so difficult to buy for! To be honest they’re not really, especially if you choose to follow the yearly tradition of using the themes to base a gift on. So for the one year anniversary gift, we’ve come up with the suggestions below:

  • Tickets to a sports event or favorite band.
  • Golf Club Membership or 
  • Gift voucher for the local garage/car service.
  • An interesting first edition book with special meaning.
  • A secret codebook is an amazing first anniversary gift idea for men who like to solve mysteries.
  • Newspaper or magazine subscription
  • paper related items such as paperweights
  • Origami Instructions and Paper.

Why is Paper the first anniversary gift?

The reason paper was chosen to represent the traditional first anniversary gift seems to have been lost in the mists of time. There are many reasons offered and the one we like the most is that like fine-quality paper, marriage is delicate. The use of Paper perfectly symbolizes the delicate relationship of the first year of marriage as you find your way together in life.

Do you give gifts for the 1 year dating anniversary?

Typically, no, although that does not mean to say you would not celebrate the event. Couples often mark major events in their life and if meeting the person you are currently dating classes as such then there is no written rule to say you can’t. It would also depend on how both of you feel about such commemorations. A discussion should be held to set expectations from both partners on the way forward.

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What’s the difference between China, Pottery and Porcelain

We’ve been updating the gift ideas for our anniversary suggestions and wanted to clarify what the difference is between China, Pottery, Porcelain and Bone China. Each of these is a different wedding anniversary symbol.


Potter at his wheel finishing a pot.

Pottery (Traditional 8th Wedding Anniversary gift symbol) is a very generic term.  It is generally used to refer to items made from clay.  Within this context, we think it refers to handmade items by the artisan, or craftsperson using their hands, moulds, or a potter’s wheel.



China, Traditional 20th Wedding anniversary gift symbol. In this context, it refers to dinnerware coming out of the country of China which is particularly fine and generally with a white base.  The mineral Kaolin is used to achieve this look. When originally defined the china symbol inferred good quality products and not the cheap mass-produced items that china produces nowadays. You can still find good quality china products in good quality stores.

Bone china

Bone china, which is a generic term as it has bone ash added to the clay and was the English response to china’s high-quality porcelain exports. Its characteristics give it whiteness and translucency which is often considered better than Chinese porcelain. However, its high manufacturing costs have always kept it in the luxury market rather than the broad spectrum some porcelains enjoy. Originally developed by Wedgewood the name is still synonymous with Bone China today.



Porcelain (Modern 18th Wedding anniversary gift symbol) refers to high-quality ceramics typically originating from the China region.  Kaolin is used in manufacturing. It is usually delicate however it is also somewhat resilient to knocks and rough use. With good-quality Porcelain, you should be able to see the shadow of your fingers if you hold it up to the light with your fingers behind it.

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Very early planning your 1st Anniversary

Anniversaries are important and should be well planned, so planning for your 1st anniversary is no exception. While it’s not a milestone like 5th or 10th anniversaries, it is still important enough to remember with a gift from you. That’s why you should start planning for the 1st marriage anniversary far in advance before the day itself arrives.

If you think you have a lot on your plate at the wedding, just wait until you’re married.

Okay, we’re kidding (sort of). However, it’s true that as you’re planning your wedding, there are some great things you can do during the run-up to the wedding day and immediately after to help make anniversaries more memorable—and maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

Remembering simple things and jotting them down either on paper, in a blog or in your wedding planner will really help, believe us. After a year of what will be an extremely busy one likely to be full of change and acclimatisation to becoming one-half of a ‘couple’ there will be some details that you wished you had remembered for your 1st anniversary.

You know what we don’t think about enough? The details.

We’ve been married for 24 years, and we still forget to write down the most important things. Like what our first dance song was, or whether we had a DJ or a band. We also have no idea who officiated our wedding. We had three different people in charge of different parts of the ceremony!

So, as an aide memoire for other couples getting married—and because we’re weirdly nostalgic for our own wedding—we’ve put together a list below of some of the things people forget as an aide memoire. Use it as a list to store the details against.

  • First Song Danced to as a married couple.
  • Last song Danced to at the Wedding Celebration.
  • The Menu for the Wedding Breakfast meal.
  • What Champagne you toasted with.
  • What wine was served.
  • The Band or DJs Name.
  • The Official’s name (or their formal title.)
  • All your Guests.
  • The color theme for the wedding.

The Fundamental ones to remember

Someone pointed out that the list above had some glaring omissions on it, to be honest this is true! These are the fundamental ones that anyone should remember when planning for your 1st Wedding anniversary :

  • Who you married!
  • The date you Wed.
  • The time you Wed.
  • Where you Wed.
  • If you had a honeymoon, where it was
  • If you didn’t have a honeymoon, why not.

Is there something you wish you could remember from the actual wedding day? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list as a useful reminder for other couples.

Writing this 24 years on from the original wedding I can say the item I struggle with the most is the actual guest list. We found the photos taken at the time (and a magnifying glass) a great source for some of the info. For example, the wine and champagne.