History of the Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Symbols

While it is customary for couples to exchange gifts on their anniversary, the history of the Modern Wedding Anniversary list shows the practice of giving specific gifts for each year of marriage is a relatively modern one.

The concept of assigning symbolic meaning to different anniversary years dates back to medieval Germany. It was not until the 20th century that the Modern Anniversary Gift List was created. This list assigns a different material to every milestone year. Gold is assigned to fifty years of marriage and Diamonds with sixty.

Current Use of the Modern Anniversary Gift List

Today, the Modern Anniversary Gift List is still in wide use. Although it could do with an update to include more recent symbols such as smartphones and video games. While the Modern Anniversary Gift List is a popular way to celebrate a milestone anniversary, it is by no means the only way.

Couples can also choose to exchange heartfelt handwritten notes. Share a special meal. Or even take a trip to commemorate their special day. Ultimately, the best way to celebrate an anniversary is whichever way works best for the couple in question.

The Modern Gift list is in popular use and can often be known as the Contemporary Wedding Anniversary list. 

The list provides alternative material suggestions for the years and includes “modern” items such as electrical appliances and Fashion Jewelry.

This is a more comprehensive list than the traditional list and associates a material for every year up until the 50th Wedding Anniversary. It also goes on in steps of every 5th year up until the 100th Wedding Anniversary.

Origin of the Modern Wedding Anniversary Gift List

It is hard to quote the originator of the Modern Wedding Anniversary list as several lists appear to have been issued. These slowly converge to give the Modern list that is in general use today. We have references from the 20th Century that show the Jewelers Association of America made a concerted effort to form this list and use it in their marketing to promote gift buying.

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