History of the Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Symbols

An alternative list to the traditional anniversary list. This list is also in popular use and can also be known as the  Contemporary Wedding Anniversary list. 

It has been around for 10’s of years now, which makes its title rather misleading as none of the items listed are particularly modern.

This list provides alternative material suggestions for the years and include “modern” items such as electrical appliances and Fashion Jewelry.

This is a more comprehensive list than the traditional list and associates a material for ever year up until the 50th Wedding Anniversary. It also goes on in steps of every 5th year up until the 100th Wedding Anniversary.

It is hard to quote the originator of the Modern Wedding Anniversary list as a number of lists appear to have been issued and they slowly converged to give the Modern list that is in general use today.

Given the age of the modern list I think it is time to issue a new list which should better reflect the global village that the internet has delivered. Perhaps we should call it the “Internet Wedding Anniversary List” 

We are giving this some serious thought and will issue it on our site soon, as an example we thought the 1st year should be a gift from the ends of the earth, to reflect the capability of the internet to connect to everybody on a global basis and that you would go to the ends of the world to make your partner happy.