Wedding Anniversaries history; Flower Anniversary List

We’re not sure who issued this list, the references we have to it do not have a source quoted thus we assume it was issued by a Florist guild or similar.

The earliest reference to this list we have found is in the early 1960’s This list associates flowers with each anniversary year up to the 15th and then ever 5th year up to the 50th.

Its a hard list to follow as some of the flowers listed are seasonal and as your anniversary falls in a specific season every year then some of the flowers would not be available for some of the years. Having said that its a great fall back plan for men if the relevant flower is in season.

Anniversary YearAssociated Flower
1st Anniversary Pansies
2nd Anniversary Cosmos
3rd Anniversary Fushsia
4th Anniversary Geranium
5th Anniversary Daisies
6th Anniversary Calla lilies
7th Anniversary Jack-in-the-pulpit
8th Anniversary Clematis
9th Anniversary Poppies
10th Anniversary Daffodils
11th Anniversary Morning Glories
12th Anniversary Peonies
13th Anniversary Hollyhoch
14th Anniversary Dahlia
15th Anniversary Roses
20th Anniversary Day Lily
25th Anniversary Iris
30th Anniversary Sweet pea
40th Anniversary Nasturtium
50th Anniversary Violets