Wedding Anniversary Party; food, drink and Entertainment


For an informal party at home, you’ll probably get away with your stereo system and a couple of party tapes. If it is your own party, remember that you will want to be enjoying it rather than keep having to change the music so try and plan the music ahead of time with some variation to enable change in the party spirit. If you have teenagers try not to put them in charge of the music as you tend never to get to the end of a song before something else is put on (personal experience talking here!)

For a larger or more formal event, it’s worth hiring a professional DJ or even a live band or singer. If you have a list of songs you would like to be played especially “your song” or the “couples song” then make sure you tell the MC or band in advance of the date, or even booking them, so that they can include it in their play list they bring with them.

For couples celebrating their anniversary, it can be a nice touch to have music from each of the different stages of their marriage ; when they first met, when they were courting, when they got engaged, married, had their first child and so on. Perhaps try and get a medley of songs that cover all the stages of their life together from their first date through to the present time. 

We have a number of web sites listed that provide details of what were hits at the time of the marriage or other dates, check the listings on our party resources page.

Food and Drink

If you’re holding the party at home, it’s a good idea to have it catered, leaving you free to enjoy yourself. If you’re not going to be organizing a full meal, make sure you let guests know in advance so they can grab a bite to eat beforehand. Generally, if there’s alcohol, it’s best to have at least a few nibbles to soak up any excess!

It is not uncommon for guests to pay for their own meals when an anniversary celebration is held in a restaurant. This allows for all those who may not be able to afford a big meal to just have a small amount or drinks only and still join in the celebration without feeling awkward. 

If you are attending an Anniversary celebration in a restaurant then you should ascertain whether you are expected to pay for your own meal prior to attending, typically the host should tell you when you respond to the invitation.