3rd Year Anniversary Modern list symbol – Glass

3rd Year Anniversary Modern gift of GlassPeople often assume that there are only a few anniversaries of any importance, but your third anniversary is just as important as any other wedding anniversary.

There is a certain type of gift that you should give to your loved one for each anniversary and for your third anniversary, the modern choice is glass. The traditional gift or symbol that was associated with your third anniversary is leather, but nowadays glass has become a lot more popular.

Now that you know that, you should buy something that is made out of glass, where will you begin looking for that perfect gift. Well, here are some top gift ideas for you:

Before we start listing the type of glass gifts that you can purchase as a gift for your loved one, you should take a couple of things in to consideration first. You need to find out whether your spouse prefers heavy glass items or light glass items. Everyone is different, some people love heavy glass items while others hate them for their own reasons, one of which being that they can be dangerous in a house full of children! The colour of the glass is another thing that you can take in to account, while most glass is see-through and while this is the most popular type of glass, there are many people who would prefer to get a glass gift that has some colour in it.

Glass Vase third year anniversary gift ideaHere are some gift ideas that you could purchase for your spouse:

  • Vases – Vases are a wonderful gift to give to someone for their third anniversary. With so many types of vases to choose from, you will surely find a vase or two that your loved one will like! There is one thing to remember though if you are buying a vase, as a gift for a 3rd wedding anniversary and that is to give it to your spouse with flowers in it! Also, remember that you will more than likely have to buy a bunch of flowers every few weeks!
  • Mirrors – Mirrors are a great option for a third anniversary gift. There is a wide variety of different types of mirrors that you can choose from including makeup mirrors, dresser mirrors and so on. With so many different styles available, you will definitely find the perfect one for your spouse.
  • Candleholders – Candleholders can be a great way to brighten up any house. A nice set of glass candleholders can really improve the look of your home, and why not make your home more romantic for a special night in on your third anniversary.
  • Wine Glasses – Another gift idea for you is to buy a nice pair of wine glasses for both you and your spouse. What makes this gift even better than the rest of them is that you have to get a bottle of wine to go along with it!
If you are looking for Glass ornaments then a famous and well respected type of glass to look for is glass from Murano, This Italian island within the confines of Venice is world renowned for producing vibrent and colorful glass objects.