Paper Anniversary – traditional 1 year anniversary symbol

Celebrate your Paper Anniversary

origami couple with love heart in the background

Traditionally the first wedding anniversary year has a theme of Paper. Thus this anniversary is called the ‘Paper Anniversary’. To celebrate it you could give a gift themed with paper or perhaps have a celebration where the theme is paper orientated such as an origami evening!

Wedding anniversaries have been celebrated for many years with documentary evidence going back as far as the printed word has existed. In the 19th Century it was often a time when the friends of the couple called round to celebrate the event, nowadays it can be similar however often gifts are given as a way to celebrate the year of marriage.

Gift Ideas

gift giving at anniversaries

A popular gift for the 1 year paper anniversary is the Wedding Anniversary Memory album from Talus, the well constructed book is designed so the couple can add details of their lives together on their anniversaries from the 1st through to their 50th wedding anniversary. Ultimately this will become a great reference to your married life and something to look back though in future years.

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