Fresh Water Pearl – 1st year anniversary gemstone symbol

Pearl Gems 1 year anniversary gemstone symbol

The Gemstone Wedding Anniversary list shows Fresh Water Pearls are the symbol for a 1 year anniversary.

Pearls have long been cherished due to their beautiful sheen and relatively scarcity although nowadays cultured fresh water pearls have made them less scarce.

We’ve always found it strange that the Gemstone Anniversary list should start with a symbol that is not actually a true gemstone! Having said that however they are a great jewel which are durable and will be cherished for years.

The ‘gem’ is produced by the nacreous fluid secreted by certain shell fish, always around a particle of hard matter that has found its way into the shell of the animal. It is found in the shell of certain freshwater mussels, and also in those of some kinds of oyster. What have come to be known as ‘cultured’ pearls are produced by artificially introducing into oyster shells a grain of hard substance. The oyster then proceeds to build up the pearl and typically the bigger the pearl the longer it has taken to form, which of cousre will also affect its value.

There are many charming legends and folklore that are associated with the pearl, it was said that dew fell into the open shells of the pearl mussel and that was transformed into the gem. Folklore also references that pearls, although not unlucky, should not be worn by those whose star signs are Libra or Aries!

If choosing Pearl always make sure it is pearl, we’ve seen many items designed with Mother of Pearl which, unless you know, can be confused with Pearls. Mother of pearl is the actual shell of the mussel or oyster that can produce a pearl.

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